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We consider Short Run Forms at the top of the list of our printing partners. The customer service group does an exceptional job of getting us information and quotes accurately and quickly which allows us to respond to our accounts in the same manner. The processing of orders is achieved with the same level of competence, and the quality of the work allows us to be confident with any job we send. In comparison to our other vendors, Short Run Forms error rate is much lower. This is essential in not only our relationship with our accounts and their confidence in us, but not having to deal with errors allows us to be proactive in our overall sales plan, instead of spending countless hours on past orders with mistakes.

In the rare occurrence of an order error, the response time to correct the error is efficient and we always receive an apology for the error. This may seem like a small thing, but it is not. We have vendors who have created many more job issues, they give us numerous excuses, but never seem to remember to be remorseful for the disruption in our day that errors create.

I would also like to mention the customer service and shipping departments willingness to go the extra mile with any requests we may have. We have incorporated some additional shipping methods into our daily system to try to make sure we are providing our accounts with the best shipping rates we can. These methods are not always within the standard UPS shipping program that you are using at your location, but the customer service and shipping departments always process the shipments in the manner we request whether we are sending labels or shipping thru USPS.

My experience with the Art department has also been positive, if a question arises with the art files we send, they always do a great job of verifying everything with us before they move forward with the orders. Our Sales Rep Tom Mastroeni is also very helpful and responsive and we enjoy his visits and knowledge of the business.

Over the past year or so, we have noticed an increase in cost on some of the lower quantities (up to 2500 quantity) . Before this increase Short Run was always the best priced option, the increase has forced us to price compare on these lower quantities and some business has moved with customers who are putting pricing pressure on us. In addition, we have had some concerns on the darkness of the back printing of a handful of jobs. We normally request pms-422 gray ink for back printing to limit the amount of bleed thru to the front of the form, there have been a few instances where the bleed thru has been more substantial than in the past.


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"Our goal as a company is to grow and always be getting better at what we do. We want our efforts to help you grow your printing business today and everyday. We value each and every relationship we have been privileged to have with our customers. Thank you for being a part of the Short Run Forms family" Stephen Looney Jr - Director of Marketing here at Short Run Forms.
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