Scanning Services


Let Short Run Forms Scan Your Artwork To The Best Quality FOR FREE!!

Short Run Forms uses high resolution scanners to perfectly capture your artwork. All images are scanned at 600 dpi to ensure the best quality.  Your artwork is professionally scanned before going to press. Provide Short Run Forms with a good, clean sample of your artwork. Once your copy is scanned it will look sharp and crisp.

Short Run Forms has literally scanned 1000’s of jobs. The staff knows exactly how to recreate the best graphics and artwork using the latest Adobe InDesign programs. Please call the Art Department if you have any questions. Trust Short Run Forms to make your artwork look beautiful for a stunning finished print product.

Most scanners do not scan very well. This may be as a result of software settings and dirty glass. You can avoid this by checking your settings and cleaning the glass often. When the Art Department scans for you, all images are scanned and sharpened to produce the best image at no additional charge.

It’s a good idea to scan images at a minimum of at least 300 dpi. Be sure to sharpen your image in Photoshop or another reputable image editing application. Be sure to set black at 100% and make sure white is clean and free of spots.

Advanced TipYou can set your design software to optimize scanned images. Look for settings that say “Do not downsample” and “Compress image.” If these are both selected, when you generate PDF’s  your image will look as good as they did when they were scanned and the file sizes will be manageable for emails and memory considerations.

Short Run Form requires the file color to be black for printing purposes. Your file can be reproduced in any Pantone Matching System color you specify.

Advanced Tip – You can convert TIFF and PSD images to spot colors in Illustrator and Indesign. Simply save your TIFF or PSD in Greyscale, Import the image into either Illustrator or Indesign, select the image (you must use the direct selection tool in Indesign), then choose the spot color form your color books.

Scanned screens create more patterns that distort and skew the dot patterns of the screen. The effect on the press is very undesirable. It is best to remove the screens entirely and re-draw them using design software. Short Run Forms always recreate screens on scanned samples to ensure print quality. Your artwork will be optimized and recreated to reproduce a print product to your exact look and specifications.

Advanced Tip – Your computer monitor makes screens look much lighter than on the press. Our presses have a significant dot gain that makes screen print much darker that what set.  For our purposes, screen density should rarely exceed 10%. Don’t let your monitor lie to you.