Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you take orders over the phone?

We do not take orders over the phone. You can fax orders to 631-567-4550 or email orders to  If this is a Digital Printing Order please email

How can I get set up as a new customer?

To become a customer and start reselling with Short Run Forms you must first fill out a credit application. You must pay upfront until credit is established and provide a resale certificate for us to keep on file.

What are marginal words?

Marginal words are distributions, usually in red that change from part to part (ie: “original”, “customer copy”).

Can you run 4 color process on the press?

No, we cannot run 4 color process on the press. We can run up to 4 spot colors. We do have a digital department.

Do you run overs?

As a standard in the industry, we generally run %10 overs. You can also request 5% over or no overs, however when requesting no overs there is always a chance of up to 10% unders. We do offer exact quantity at a $40 flat charge. All this must be specified at time of quote request. If nothing is noted on orders we will automatically run 10% overs.

What is the minimum quantity?

On snapsets or edge glued forms, the minimum quantity is 500 forms. On continuous forms or cutsheets, the minimum quantity is 1,000 forms.

What is the biggest size number you can print?

Our sequential numbering is only one size, 18 point or 3/16” high.

How far back do your files go?

We keep job tickets on file for about 3 years. Anything older than that, we can always check with our art department to see if we still have any artwork on file for you.

How many sets can you put in book?

Amount of sets per book is determined by how many parts are in your form.

2 Part Forms – 25, 50 or 100 sets per book
3 Part Forms – 25 or 50 sets per book
4 Part Forms – 25 sets per book

We do offer other amount of sets per book for an additional charge.

What is your standard turnaround time?

Snapout / Unit Sets / Continuous Forms
25,000 Quantity and under is 3 days
50,000 Quantity and under is 5 days

Book Jobs & Pads
25,000 Quantity and under is 5 days
50,000 Quantity and under is 5-7 days

50,000 Quantity and under is 5 days

*Stock must be checked on larger quantities.

Artwork Department / Prepress

What types of files do you accept?

We accept PDF files or artwork created using Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign (version CS6 or lower)

Can I send a Printed Sample?

Yes, we are equipped with high resolution scanners that can create print ready files.

What is meant by an “Art Manipulation” charge?

If we have to do any extra work to a submitted file in order to make it Production ready.

What is Greyscale?

Artwork that is all Black and tints of Black ink.

What are your requirements for image resolution?

A minimum of 300 DPI (dot per inch) is highly recommended for good quality.

Why do I receive a Proof of the artwork that I email to you?

It is our Company Policy to send a proof of any and all artwork sent to us. This insures that your order will be printed EXACTLY the way you want it. It also gives you the opportunity to make sure all copy is correct before we print it.

Why can’t you work with Word or Excel Files?

We do not use these programs on our computers and they usually don’t appear correct when open with our programs. Also, these types of files are not compatible with our platemaking system and cannot be used for Production purposes.

Why do you charge for recreating screens?

Any samples submitted with screens gets this charge because we have to take them out in Photoshop and recreate them in order to maintain good quality.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?

RGB = The additive primary colors, red, green and blue, used to display color in video monitors.

CMYK = The primary pigment colors used in 4 color process printing and most desktop publishing programs.

What is your minimum typesetting charge?

Our minimum charge is $20. Even the smallest change requires time and re-proofing.

Why do the printed colors look different from the colors on my screen?

Because computer monitors use the RGB color system for display and printed items use the CMYK color systems or Spot Colors.

Digital Printing Department

How can I request a quote?

You can either fill out the “Request A Quote” form or email all of your specs. Please be sure to include everything as this is what your exact quote will be based on.

What is the largest sheet size you can print on?

The largest sheet size we can print is 13×19, although we only stock paper that is 11×17 or 12×18.

What kind of equipment do you use for digital printing?

We currently run on a Konica Bizhub 1100 and a Konica Bizhub 7000P. Both machines are routinely maintained and produce high-quality work.

Is black and white cheaper than full color printing?

Yes, as long as the entire sheet is black ink. For instance, if you order a form with all black ink and then add red numbering, the job will be considered full color.

What is your turnaround on Digitally Printed products?

Generally the turnaround is 2-3 days on most things and can RUSH jobs out if we need to. Turnaround times are based on quantity and stock availability.

Can you run full-color NCR?

Yes we can. We run many full-color NCR forms, snapout, edge-glued or booked.

What is the quality of your NCR paper?

We do not use cheap low-quality NCR brands. We run Excel One which is the top-rated brand especially for use in our Digital machines. All digital NCR is heavyweight 20lb bond. We offer:

2 Part – White/Canary
3 Part – White/Canary/Pink
4 Part – White/Canary/Pink/Gold

2 Part with perf – White/Canary
3 Part with perf – White/Canary/Pink
4 Part with perf – White/Canary/Pink/Gold

What weights can you print on?

Here are a list of the house stocks we carry.

Uncoated Paper Stocks in 11×17 or 12×18
  • 20lb bond
  • 24lb bond (60lb text)
  • 28lb bond (70lb text)
  • 32lb bond (80lb text)
  • 80lb uncoated cover
  • 100lb uncoated cover
Uncoated Paper Stocks in 11×17 or 12×18
  • 80lb coated text
  • 100lb coated text
  • 80lb coated Cover
  • 100lb coated Cover
  • 12pt Coated 1 side
  • 16pt Coated 1 side

All Full Color NCR is ran on Excel 20lb.

Do you charge more for heavier coverage on a printed piece?

No, whether it is a dot or an entire flooded sheet of color, the price is the same.

Can you print booklets?

Yes, we can produce saddle stitched, corner stapled, perfect bound and spiral bound booklets. Visit our booklets page to learn more and get a price quote.

Will I have any issues running your prints through my laser printer?

All of the papers we order and toners we use are completely laser safe. If you are having an issue, it may be with your printer. Try additional printers and you will see that the issue should disappear.

Can you digitally number

Yes, we can number inline on any piece you provide to us. We can customize your numbering, with color, sizing, fonts and multiple positions.

Do you provide RUSH services?

Absolutely. We can provide 1, 2 or even same-day rushes.