Continuous Forms

Continuous forms are an area of expertise for the pressman at Short Run Forms. All print operators use the latest technology to print company forms. You may think printing business forms is a thing of the past. However, printing company forms work is still out there. We print a TON of it. In fact, we have at least two presses and two collators. The staff is dedicated to printing continuous forms all day long. We operate our machines five days a week. Let Short Run Forms be your sole source for multipart forms for your printing business.

Continuous forms, both carbonless & carbon-interleaved are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Since we are all custom, we can most likely re-produce anything you send to us. Although the printing industry is changing, continuous forms also known as “dot-matrix” forms or “pin-fed” forms are still very much in demand. All continuous forms are printed to your exact specifications. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Short Run Forms has multiple printing presses to produce fast turnaround times on small or large projects. Most jobs are completed in 3 days. Need your continuous forms faster? One, two or even same day rush services are available. Continuous forms are available with the following features:

  • Up to 6 parts (Paper & Carbon)
  • Up to 4 PMS colors (Depending on form size)
  • Fastening – We can either glue or crimp the edges.
  • All industry standard weights as well as popular heavyweights.
  • Custom margins (Available with or without custom dealer imprint)
  • Hole punching is available.
  • Numbering up to 2 positions.
  • Extra perfing (Either horizontally, vertically, partial or full-length)
Turnaround Time

25,000 Quantity and under is 3 days
50,000 Quantity and under is 5 days
*We are not just SHORT RUN forms. We can also print larger quantities with the same great turnaround times. Stock must be checked on larger quantities.

Questions on additional features? Please call (631) 567-7171 for more info.

Short Run Forms takes extra care in making sure the positioning on all continuous form matches the provided sample or previous run. We provide graphic design assistance. In addition, we ensure appropriate bleeds, tick marks and other features are placed on documents. We do our best to achieve errorless printing.

Business forms are customized to meet all your company needs. Short Run Forms places an emphasis on maintaining the continuity of your company brand.  Your logo and print colors will look sharp. Consistent on previous orders is key. Order continuous forms from Short Run Forms with superior construction, consistent color from roll to roll, and high quality paper. The quality control team inspects the printing of your multipart business forms from pre to post production.

Ask about our reordering process. Reordering is virtually effortless using our advanced online portal. If you have unique needs for your custom continuous forms printing order, contact the Short Run Forms customer service department.