Adhesive Vinyl

When it comes to adhesive vinyl, Short Run Forms is equipped with 5 different types of white matte materials to fit your specific printing needs. Our 6 mil permanent adhesive is designed for long term use and not meant to be easily removed. Best and most popular uses include decals, corn hole boards and laptop stickers.

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Some Other Popular Adhesive Vinyl Products Include

social distancing signs

Floor Graphics

With the continual spread of Covid-19 in effect, floor decals are now as pertinent as ever in maintaining health and safety precautions for restaurants, retail shops, medical offices/buildings everywhere and more. Our textured and slip resistant ASTM-approved *American Society for Testing & Materials [ASTM D-2047] TEXWALK adhesive vinyl is the ideal material to use for your floor decals and can conveniently be applied to carpet, tile or wood.


For more temporary applications, choose from our 3 mil white matte or wall noodle vinyl for custom fathead designs. Fatheads -AKA- custom, life-size wall decals are composed of an easily removable sticker-like materials that can be peeled off easily and reapplied for further uses. Fatheads are absolutely perfect for personalized gift-giving, children’s room decor, gym or sporting good environments and more! Both of these vinyls peel off super easily after they’re first applied and therefore have short term purposes. Apply these indoors for best quality usage.

Window Perf

Window perforated vinyl is our last and final adhesive material supplied by Short Run Forms. At a 70:30 hole-to-paper ratio, our window perforated vinyl makes a wonderful outlet for advertising your company, product(s), logo or brand. Display your custom design on vehicle, storefront, office building windows or retail shop entrances all the while providing privacy and shading from the outside.