Print Brokers Guide To Better Purchase Orders

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Printing Purchase Orders

Print Brokers, attention to detail on purchase orders is key.
Spelling out the specs on your purchase order is the most important first step that you can do. Even though we have quoted your print job already, Short Run Forms DOES NOT follow quotes for specs. Please be as detailed as possible. We would love to avoid the inconvenience of going back and forth which may impact your production time.

6 Common Details Missed on a Purchase Order by Print Brokers

repeat job orders

1. Repeat Job Numbers – Please keep an organized record of your jobs and make sure you reference the correct job number. There may be an instance where your copy has changed, but you reference the job previous to that change. Even if you happen to make this mistake, Short Run Forms will normally catch it, but please be conscious of this.

quote numbers

2. Your Quote Number
Make sure to add the quote number Short Run Forms provides to you on your purchase order. If you don’t, the staff will end up quoting it again which can definitely cause confusion.

invoice numbering

3. Starting Numbers
Short Run Forms NEVER assume numbers are continuing from the previous run. Let us know if your numbers are continuing. If there is a new starting number, provide it and mention you are aware of the change. If it is a “New” job, please confirm numbering position.

Multipart carbonless forms

4. Paper Sequence
Again, we do not follow quotes for specs. Please indicate the paper color sequence. Please note, changing paper color sequence will not affect price. Only changing the paper weight will.

printing pantone colors

5. Ink colors
On a new job, if Short Run Forms prices you for a standard color and you reply with “BLUE” on your PO, you will receive a call to find out what standard blue you want. Please indicate the exact color you are looking for. View all of our standard pantone inks.

repeat printing orders

6. Exact Repeat Jobs
The words “Exact Repeat” to us means absolutely no change to the copy.
The words “Repeat With Change” to us means there is a change to the copy. The words “Repeat Job” will prompt a phone call to you.
It is not necessary to attach artwork to an “Exact Repeat” order, but in the event that you do, please say “File for reference only.”

Short Run Forms works with print brokers to streamline the order process for print manufacturers. The goal is to help print brokers save time and money by improving purchase orders. Ultimately, Short Run Forms will work hard to simplify the order and reordering process with print brokers to make sure all print jobs are processed correctly. Thank you for helping to serve mutual customers better. Contact us for more information on how to become a print broker or reseller.


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