SRF Reason #9 – Wraparound Books Only 5-7 Days

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In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, for the month of February we will be counting down the top 10 Reasons that you should choose Short Run Forms in 2018 as your trusted printing partner. This is based on our most recent blog posting below.

10 Reasons To Choose Short Run Forms To Help Grow Your Print Business In 2018

REASON #9 – Wraparound Books Only 5-7 Days

In the ever-changing world of business, we all seem to want everything yesterday, and that goes for your clients as well. At Short Run Forms we strive for speed and consistent quality to meet your clients needs. We understand that being able to turnaround simple as well as complex jobs quicker leaves a positive and lasting impression on your clients.

One area where Short Run Forms stands out is with our turnaround on Wraparound Books. Having an efficiently run office and shop is what allows us to turnaround these at ONLY 5-7 DAYS.

wraparound booklets short run forms printing

Wraparound Book Advantages.

  • They protect the forms within them from getting dirty and from elements when out in the field.
  • Carry around a book of forms instead of them being loose and flimsy.
  • Specifically positioned staples secure all forms in place.
  • Perforations at top make tearing out forms easy.
  • Added flyleafs can be tucked under the first form, so you will not transfer writing to the next form in the book.

We have all the means to complete these book jobs in-house and faster than anyone else…

…plus you can choose various cover stocks.


Cool Fact

As a great value-added service, suggest to your client about adding some printing to the cover of their book job. We can produce beautiful full color printing of anything from their branding to instructions for filling out their forms. It’s a great way to add some POP to your clients forms and help them STAND OUT from their competition.

So Why Do You Choose Short Run Forms

Let us know below


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"Our goal as a company is to grow and always be getting better at what we do. We want our efforts to help you grow your printing business today and everyday. We value each and every relationship we have been privileged to have with our customers. Thank you for being a part of the Short Run Forms family" Stephen Looney Jr - Director of Marketing here at Short Run Forms.
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